We take care of all the administrative and legal procedures to register your company (ex: Ltd Co)

  1. Investigation and legal deposit for the name of the company in Central Trade Register in Madrid.
  1. Preparation of documentation (bylaws) for the signing of the constitution of the SL before Notary. (lawyer's fee and Notary included)
  1. Preparation and liquidation of I.T.P. and A.J.D.. et (Transmission Patrimonial Tax and Legal Documented Act) to the Fiscal Agency Murcia province. (taxes included)
  1. Statement of the beginning of activity with "Hacienda" (taxes office)
  1. Request of the identification number of foreigner (N.I.E.) for the shareholder(s)
  1. Request of the Fiscal identification number (N.I.F. or C.I.F.) for the new Company
  1. Request of number of intracommunity VAT.
  1. Opening of the company bank account for the certificate of incorporation of the capital.
  1. Introduction of the request of the affiliate number and registration with the R.E.T.A. (Workers Autonomous) - General Treasury of the Social Security.
  1. Request for incorporation of the company and the obtaining of the code account of contribution with the administration.
  1. Notice of initiation of a "work center" with the Department of Labour of the province.
  1. Legalization of "the book of visits". (Labour Inspectorate)
  1. Registration of the S.L. in the Trade Register (fee Inspector recording included).
  1. We assist you at the notary and we provide translation.
  1. We can also support the accounting management of your new company. (Prices on request)